Royal Canin – Starter Mousse (12x195g)

For weaning puppies under 2 months or female dogs from the end of gestation and during lactation, special recipe with all important nutrients and vitamins.

Ingredients Meat and animal by-products, grains, vegetable by-products, oils and fats, milk and dairy products, minerals, yeast.

Feed Royal Canin Starter Mousse as a sole food or in combination with Royal Canin Starter dry dog food. Spread the recommended feeding amount over several meals per day.
Bitches 2 meals per day.
Puppies 4 meals per day.

Product features
– Dog food with adjusted nutrient density and energy contents.
– For bitches during pregnancy and lactation.
– For puppies from weaning stage.
– Super-soft, moist dog food in convenient ring-pull can.
Royal Canin Starter Mousse
During pregnancy and nursing, bitches need a food that is adapted to their special nutritional requirements. Puppies too need a supplementary diet from four weeks of age that supports them during the sensitive weaning period when they get used to solid foods. Royal Canin Starter Mousse was specially developed for the nutritional requirements of bitches and puppies. The fine, unique texture of the Royal Canin Starter Mousse makes food intake smooth and easy.

For pregnant or nursing bitches
Their special nutritional requirements are met by the adjusted nutritional profile with high nutrient content and energy density.

For puppies
A helpful support during the weaning phase, from three to four weeks of age.

Start Complex
A special combination of nutrients present in maternal milk and special additives supports digestive security and puppies’ immune system.


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